Sunday, February 21, 2010

Homemade Chinese (sorta)

I have been dying for good chinese food. When we lived in Massachusetts, we had this AMAZING chinese restaurant called Fitchburg Jade.  I have not found anything close here in Denver. So, I decided to try to make some homemade chinese food. I found this sauce in a packet called Simply Asian General Tsoas and I had a coupon so it only cost me 60 cents- I picked up a bag of  asian stirfry frozen veggies, some bean sprouts and water chestnuts. After cooking up some chicken, adding the veggies and sauce, I tasted it and it was really good! I made some fried rice and ate it all myself since my husband is not a fan of chinese.
Last night, I tried a new Chinese place called The Fire Bowl and it was pretty tasty! 
I think its the best I can do out here:) unless I find a chinese nanny!

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~Abbey~ said...

we have the same issue here...certain things are just different than our Northern taste buds! we have started buying our rice from a chinese guy. i get 20lb bag for 10$...its awesome and reheatable! NC does have great Japanese food though! its a great alternative to the Chinese! we love some shrimp sauce!