Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Lesson in Prayer and Faith

Last week was stressful and chaotic and amazing all at the same time. Good friends of ours have been thru quite a year which culminated last week in a trial in a courthouse in Colorado.I was able to attend 2 out of the 4 trial days from 8am-5pm and my how my eyes were opened to Gods Grace, Faith, Unity of believers and Prayer! 

Accusations were made against our friend last year in February. He was arrested, let go on bail, and fired from his education job. He maintained his innocence and we believed him and stood behind him. Several months after this, his wife developed cancer and went thru 4 horrible weeks of chemo. I prayed and prayed and trusted God, even though it was SO difficult to understand why them and why these types of trials. This mans dad sent out prayer promises each week thru email, challenging his son (and me) to have faith, to pray, to not question, to glorify God! My prayer life changed. I was praying with such earnest and HOW I prayed changed too. I praised God more. God counted this man and his wife faithful to put them thru such a horrific test. How much more they could identify with Christ- thru suffering. How much more their faith increased. How much more God was being glorified. How much more GRACE was poured out on them from a  kind and loving Father. Their testimony was AMAZING! I never heard them feel sorry for themselves. I never heard them curse God. I never saw them turn away from their faith. 

Last week, the trial began. It was so hard to sit there and listen to these boys false lies, to watch the DA try to trip up witnesses and twist their words, to watch the jury and and wonder what they were thinking. In one of his emails, our friends dad was writing about how difficult it was to sit there as his father and listen to all these false accusations being hurled against his son. He went on to relate that to how difficult it must have been for God the Father to sit there and watch His Son, Christ, be blasphemed and lied about. God the Father had all the power in the world to stop the lies, but He didn't. He let His Son, Christ, suffer thru that humiliation and pain for ME! What amazing love! And how that aspect of the crucifixion came alive to me this week. During the trial, it was very encouraging to watch our friend repeatedly deny doing wrong, to see how God directed his tongue in how he answered questions designed specifically to cast doubt on his testimony, to watch a packed out courtroom full of believers, pray to God in their seats while the trial was going on. 

Friday was the day the testimony ceased and the jury deliberated. Mark was able to be there and we prayed in the hallway with about 20 others, crying, weeping for God to be glorified.The unity of believers was so refreshing to see and experience. After 3 hours of deliberation, the jury came back with their verdict-unanimously, NOT GUILTY on all counts! Praises were sung to God in the hallways. Courtroom officials commented on the events. It was amazing! God delivered him! Prayers all over the nation and even world were being lifted specifically during this week for a fellow brother and God answered. God was glorified- and my life was changed- I pray differently. I see God differently. 

Praise ye the LORD.
O give thanks unto the LORD;
for he is good:
for his mercy endureth forever.
Who can utter the mighty acts of the LORD?
who can show forth all his praise?
Psalm 106:1-2  


~Abbey~ said...

you really should submit this for printing in your newspaper...if they won't send it to a "letter to the editor". Praise the Lord for his faithfulness and leading!

the j. crew said...

those are my favorite verses.

that was quite a story, so sad, but i am really thankful he was found not guilty. thanks for sharing.