Friday, February 19, 2010

A Little Lady

Our Sophia is now five and a half! She is half way through Kindergarten. She is reading up a storm! 
She has her ears pierced. She loves to sing. She pretends to be a teacher and a mommy.
She is very good at drawing. She has a HUGE imagination. She loves to play computer games. She wants to sleep without a night light (Arianna wont let her)  She wants to be different from Arianna, thus she likes boys:) Her favorite boy is Miles! She loves to help me cook. She likes to set the table. She is a big helper. She always says "yes, ma'am" when answering me- and she's serious:) I love it!
I love her immensely...

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Janelle said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bios you gave for each of your ADDORABLE kids!!! So neat getting a little "sneak peak" into "who they really are"! They're so stinkin' cute!!!

Will be praying for your poor little man! SO not fun when they are sick, but when they are that sick it's just scary! Hope he gets better SOON!!!!