Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Countdown Begins!

Till daddy turns 32- tomorrow! We have a fun day planned to help him celebrate!!
He's a great dad and husband- I really am one lucky girl! 

And the next countdown is 1 week- till I leave for PA to visit my dear parents!
I am SO very excited! I have never been away from my children other than overnight. 
Some moms keep telling me how sad they would be away from their kids for 5 days, 
but I really am not sad at all.
I am SO very looking forward to it! 
Just to relax, spend time with my parents talking, shopping, eating! 
Seeing all my other siblings and family.
I do wish we all could go, but thats not possible in the slightest, so
I am not going to feel guilty and I am going to enjoy the break! 
I probably sound selfish or not like a good mom,
but I think everyone should have a chance to relax and enjoy their extended families:)
and I will!

On a side note, if I had a husband who was adamant about me not going or unsure about taking care of the kids for 5 days, I really would reconsider going and stay home. But it was Marks idea in the first place, for me to get away and see my family in PA- He even purchased the ticket! 
I really do have a fantastic hubby and I know he will do an amazing job taking care of my little kiddos!


~Abbey~ said...

your kids will be fine. Mark will be fine...and you SHOULD not feel guilty at all! :) and i think it makes you a better mom if you can get away like that!

Joshua said...

I agree with Abbey! I feel when I am away from my kids, I can finally finish a complete thought and not be interrupted 100 times. I come back refreshed and ready-to-go for the next 6 months. :) I hope you have a great time! We really should plan a girl's trip sometime and leave the kiddos. Waaay fun! (this is actually Katie not Josh :) )

Erin Neiner said...

Have a totally incredible time, don't feel guilty at all, and when you miss your kids so much----just have Mark put them all on the phone at once, yelling over each other, sharing their little hearts out---and you'll have your fix till you get home! We moms DO need those pockets of *fresh air* time...and with family sounds pretty perfect!