Monday, October 4, 2010

A Walk in the Park

 Isn't it supposed to be fall? The weather here has been SO hot- today was near 85 degrees. I have 2 new Gerber daises that just bloomed in my plant pot outside, right next to the scarecrow and pumpkins! At least it is cool in the morning and evenings which makes for great sleeping weather!
October brings Marks birthday! 
We celebrated as a family on Friday( a week before his actual bday)
by going to Red Robin for his free burger and to our favorite park. 
It was a perfect evening...

 We explored all over the rocks finding nooks and crevices full of adventure!
Elijah was scared that a bear would come so we ended up leaving earlier than we wanted
 But not before we watched the sun go down- it was SO cool!
 On our way home from school the other day, I spotted this tree trying to change colors for fall.
Hopefully the next few weeks will bring cooler weather and more and more colorful trees!

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