Wednesday, October 6, 2010


 Sophia can tie her shoes!
Not sure if being 6 and just learning is that great but she is so proud of herself and her new shoes! I have never bought NEW sneakers for the girls. I always look at thrift stores, consignment stores,etc and buy used. Well, Sophia's used sneakers were way too small and the velcro was peeling off, so it was time for new shoes and we went all out and got them at Sears for $20! 
They were on sale though! lol
I feel good about the purchase seeing as they are super comfy and look durable. 
Lets just hope her feet dont grow too fast:) 
On a side note, my girls have VERY tiny feet- they both are in a size 10 or 11.
She really wanted ones with laces, so we went for it and within an hour she could tie them all by herself! I was so impressed! She runs everywhere now... its cute!
Arianna is next in line for  NEW sneakers- she's pretty excited.


Erika said...

Hurray for Sophia!

~Abbey~ said...

i love the things they get excited for. Clayton bonded with this one teacher at his school (not his own teacher) and he would always ask her to tie his shoes-in K. they were supposed to know how to tie b4 leaving K, but i didn't push it til the summer. he was so sad when he went to 1st grade and that teacher saw him and said do you need help with your shoes and he said no i can do it and showed her. and she was "sad" she didn't have to help him. he came home nad said i messed everythign up cuz now Miss Rodanoux is so sad since she can't help him with his shoes. I told him to ask her for help with something else nad she woudl get over it. now i think he just gives her a hug and a smile! LOL!
BTW-that is great that you FIND used good shoes. I guess with girls its easier too-my girls have found used good shoes too..boys...yeah pretty much when they hit size 4 you HAVE to buy new or find some mom who insisted on buying brand new everything times 100 so nothing ever got worn out and buy from her. I have to get Clayton sneakers every 6 months and it costs us about 25-30$ every time!

Chastity Gomez said...

yeah, I am sure boys wear them pretty hard too. Its been harder and harder to find used shoes ever since their feet are getting bigger:)

Michelle said...

Congrats to Sophia! How exciting!