Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Celebrations!

I love fall birthdays and always wished one of my kids was born in the fall- its just such a great season. At least my husband was born in the fall:) 
Here he is at his birthday breakfast complete with bacon and orange juice  
(which we usually just have on birthdays!)
He opened his presents from the kids-
stuff he needed like socks, tshirts and a nice long sleeved black shirt..
My gift to him was dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and 
then I suprised him with a gift that had a pillow that said sleep and our hotel receipt.
It was great! A night away is just what we needed to recharge as a couple and parents! 
Special thanks to Megan who stayed with the kids at our house-
they had a blast as usual!

We also celebrated at Marks parents house- I SO enjoy our Sundays there with the family!
Another fall birthday was in September- Marks moms! 
We had them over for dinner and peach cupcakes! 
We are so thankful for Marks parents- they love to spend time with the kids and us:) 

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Janelle said...

Peach cupcakes??? YUM!!!!! Can you share the recipe??? By the way, I just LOVE and ADMIRE how you make each and everyones birthdays so EXTRA special!!! :)