Friday, October 1, 2010

Sneak Preview

This is one of a many pics Megan shot for us a few weeks back.
She has not given me the disc yet, but I stole it off her Facebook page- 
so its not very clear, but you get the idea! 
I am using these pics as art work for my 
very large, bare dining room wall...
and guess what? I bought the red paint today! 
Super excited to get going!
Pretty soon, I will post all of them, but until now,
you can just admire one! 
Happy first day of October!
I LOVE the fall- pumpkins,leaves changing, 
going to PA to visit my family(in 13 days)
halloween, cooler weather
warm clothes...
I really could go on and on.....
Happy Fall to All! 


Michelle said...

GORGEOUS picture! I'm excited for you! And your red room! AND for Fall, too! I always remembered how cheery your house was in the Fall. There always something sweet, warm and yummy baking in your oven! (I just finished making cinnamon applesauce myself, and now my house smells divine....) Happy Oct 1st to you!

Erika said...

Love the pic! It's gonna look fantastic, and can't wait to see it when it's done. Love your new blog look, too! ;) Ours are similar, just different colors.

Erin Neiner said...

This is such a fantastic family picture, Chas!!!! WOW---I am so inspired to do this and get one taken. And what an awesome idea to put it up on a red wall. Please post pictures when it's all done!!!! :)