Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grandma's Visit

 We were priviledged to have Grandma (my mom) come all the way from PA to spend a long weekend with us! It was such a fun time to reconnect with mom and the kids to spend some quality time with grandma! 
She played lots of games with Ella and Lij.
We even got to swim at the hotel pool! 

 One of my moms required stops was SAJ Mediteranian Grill. Its her favorite! 

On Saturday we made a treck up to Boulder for some pumpkins and to do the Celestial Seasonings Tour!
Wasnt a good day at all for pumpkins- the field was a mud pit and there was still snow all over.
At least we got some cute pictures and pumpkins!

I really liked the tea tour- so informative, filled with yummy aromas and the gift shop was super cute!

We also did some trick or treating but I'll save that post for tomorrow!
on a side note, if you are my mom and you are reading this- my cell is out till tomorrow.
Hope you havent been calling:)
Love you!

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