Friday, November 11, 2011

THANK YOU Veterans!

Today we celebrate the men and women who have fought and are fighting for our freedom as Americans!
I am thankful for their sacrifice.
I am honored to have people in my family who have served their country.
I am so very blessed to enjoy freedom today.

I am so grateful that the twins school spends a good part of their morning honoring these men and woman and remembering the wonderful gift of freedom we have in America today! The twins were part of the ceremony since they are girl scouts this year! They were so excited to present the flags and hand out flowers to the vets.

The second grade class sang the Navy song- all the other classes also sang different songs from different branches of the military!  
After the ceremony, I was in charge of the food table. It went really well and looked cute too:)
I'm all about presentation- its my favorite part of the job:)
It was a good morning- remembering that freedom really isnt FREE-
 it cost many people dearly and I will always be grateful and
 pass that spirit of respect for our veterans down to my children! 

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