Thursday, November 17, 2011

Growing Up

 Sophia has been bugging em for a while now to get her bike out of the garage so she can ride it-I always say no because she doesn't know how to ride it without training wheels. We tried this summer and we helped her and everything but she just couldn't get it! Well, today it was a nice afternoon (shes in short sleeves) so I said okay and wouldn't you know- she jumped right on the bike and just started riding! I couldn't believe it! She can ride a big bike! She was cruising up and down the side walk and street and was doing great! Arianna tried a few times and did better than this past summer so it wont be too long till she gets it, I think.
Then later on this evening Sophie asked me is she could listent to the Ipod-I said okay and she stuffs it in the back pocket of her skinny jeans and puts the earphones in and off she be-bopped away. I am honestly tearing up as I write this post- she is getting so old and so mature and growing up! 
Pretty soon it will be car she is learning to drive!
Where does the time go? 
My sweet little girl is growing up and Im not quite ready for it! 

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