Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Nope, not talking about sleep- the opposite- really! {BREAKFAST}
 Erika and I met for breakfast last Saturday and it was wonderful! 
It was great to really sit down and catch up with Erika without any distractions!
Plus the smell of coffee and breakfast cooking was an added bonus!
 I've heard a lot about Snooze and was very excited to try it out. It did not disappoint!
The ambiance was wonderful- very bright and cheery- fast paced and very retro, which I LOVE!
They had really cool booths like in the Jetsons and I LOVED all the orange and yellow!
The wait was long at 10am (this was the Southglenn location) but at least it wasn't crowded while you wait. Lots of room to move around.
We perused the menu while waiting to be seated and were delighted to find creative and mouth watering dishes with lots of unique flavor combinations.

 I got a Benedict because that is one of my favorite things to eat out for breakfast! It was very savory with squash, beans, carrots, shaved Parmesan .. delish! And the eggs were poached perfectly.
And notice that LARGE coffee cup- oh yeah! 
 I definitely will visit Snooze again!
I  just LOVE that Erika and I get to go out and do things just the 2 of us- its SO refreshing to get away with a girlfriend and catch up! Love you, Erika! And yes, I cropped this picture because the bottom half of me was not looking very pleasant after such a LARGE breakfast:) 


Erika said...

That is very sweet of you! Thank you for your friendship - it's a blessing to me. And also thank you for cropping the picture!

Erika said...

And your pictures are really very good.