Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Puppies, Puppies Everywhere

Nothing is sweeter than a cute little puppy.
They look at you with those sad little puppy eyes.
Their fur is so soft and wrinkly.
Puppies breath is the yummiest smell ever.
They are just so dang cute!

 And you know what's cuter than 1 adorable little puppy?
13 wriggly, brown, snuggly, calm, sleepy puppies!
We got to visit with Aunt Tina and Uncle Matt's 13 little puppies this past weekend and 
our whole family was in {LOVE}.
It was puppy heaven! 
Now mind you, I do NOT like dogs. At. All. 
But puppies, I adore! 
They are tiny. They are playful. They fit in your arms.
They smell so good!
The kids begged to take one home. The problem is that these are puppies that have been breed so they cost a boatload of money and the biggest problem is that they grow to be the size of my 7 yr olds- no lie! 
They are HUGE when all grown up- like massive! Like they scare me when I walk in Tinas house:)
I must say, they are very gentle though but still- they are beasts! 
So we will just come over again on Thanksgiving to get our puppy fix before they are sold:(
Thanks, Tina and Matt, for letting us enjoy your little pups! 


The kids will remember it forever!
And so will I:)

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Mommy Girl said...

I"m not a dog person either, but that looks dreamy!!