Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 things

I am not feeling too well today. I was just thinking how very thankful I am that our family has been VERY healthy this winter- very little fevers- very little colds as a matter of fact. probably because their has been very little cold weather around here lately. I am not complaining!

I drove our van today. Its been a while. Our van got fixed this past weekend. I am very thankful for Matt Whipple who came over and helped Mark change the part- saving us hundreds of dollars- literally. (thats what we were quoted to fix it)  His sweet wife, Molly, came and chatted with me while they worked and we all had a nice lasagna dinner after. Glad for friends and cheap fixes to expensive car problems.

I somehow misplaced my ATM card and had to get it replaced today. Glad to have it back.

I attended our churches twice a month Ladies Coffee today and we had a new guest- always great to have new ladies come and get to know new faces and new kiddos! Her little boys were very cute. Elijah seemed to enjoy having more testosterone around him.

I finished painting the dining room wall white- it looks so much cleaner- I also touched up some of the mistakes I made while painting with color. It looks a hundred times better. I added a wall script thingy above our "artsy" family photos- it looks SO cute! I also spilled a quarter of a gallon of white paint on the carpet. It amazingly came almost all the way out. Good thing we are getting wood floors in the next month!

I have about 6 loads of laundry yet to complete.

I read 2 books in the past 2 days- not kidding. When I get into a book, I barely put it down.

I feel like I am gaining weight and its because I eat too much and eat whatever I want, when I want and that is not good. I am joining a gym soon- this tummy is too flabby.

I am excited for tax return time. We will be able to eliminate the majority of our debt with it- it will free up alot of money a month for us ! Praise the Lord! I am VERY thankful this LONG journey is almost over and pray to God that we will remember the lessons we have learned and use our money much more wisely... I think the past 5 years has helped us in this area! Also so thankful for God's provision.

I am going to lay down now. Mark just got home!

The End.

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