Friday, January 28, 2011

Great Grandma's Celebration!!

 How cool is it that the girls have 2 Great Grandmas!! I remember my great grandma lived to be in her 90's and we would visit her often. I miss her.  She passed when I think I was about 9 yrs old or so. 
I am SO thankful that my kids have such a wonderful Great Grandmother here in Colorado and back home in PA! These pictures make me smile!!! Especially the one above because Ella and great Grandmas birthdays are just days apart! How special!

 We had  the party over at Matt and Tinas new place which is just beautiful!!!
In other news, I will be opening an Etsy shop soon and I am very excited! I have been busy making things and am excited to reveal it to you all! 

And just in case you see me limping in the near future- here is the cause- my toenail is basically missing from one of my little toes and it hurts like CRAZY! and I dont know how it happened. weird. 

Also, we watched Despicable Me tonight for family movie night- I am not sure what I think of it... some funny parts, weird looking characters, I dont know. I havent formed an opinion yet. 

After dinner tonight we went to a new yogurt place called PeachWave- super cute and YUMMY!! (frozen yogurt is all the rage here in Denver:) You get to dispense your own yogurt and add your own toppings- they have at least 50!! And they just weigh it and it turns out to be pretty cheap if you get a smaller size! It was funa nd the kids had a blast! And its fairly healthy! Win.Win.Win.

I REALLY need to join the gym. My belly is growing and its not because of a cute little bun in the oven. ugh! Nothing else seems to be getting larger just my stomach. Not fun! 
Did I mention that it was close to 65 degrees today! It was gorgeous- short sleeves and no coat. What could be better in late January?!! I LOVE Colorado!

I think that is all. Thanks for reading my ramblings! 
God Bless and Good Night!

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Michelle said...

One of my toenails feel off in college, too! It was because I wasn't wearing shoes that "fit" right and that particular toe was constantly bumping and hitting the top of the shoe. That may or may not be the case with you...but when it first happened, I didn't have a clue as to how it happened either! Crazy stuff! Hope it gets better soon :)