Tuesday, January 25, 2011

King Size

Bed, that is.
We need one of these! (this one is Matt and Tinas and its awesome)
We have a queen for which I am thankful but it does get crowded every once in a while. I mentioned a while back that the kids kept waking in the middle of the night and coming in to sleep with us. Well, they have since mastered sleeping in their beds, for the most part. 

But NOT last night! 
At dinner, I told Mark about the CRAZY dream I had all which stemmed from waking up at 2am the night before to 4 raccoons fighting outside our window- it was LOUD! I am usually a VERY heavy sleeper but was up all night because of those  raccoons.
Well, wouldnt you know it, I had a terrifying dream where the raccoons got in our house and started clawing me as I slept. I made the mistake of telling Mark about it while the kids were listening. Sure enough, around 2am last night, all the kids slowly woke up and were SO scared because they thought they heard raccoons in our house. 
Poor Sophia was next to me on the end of the bed and I was just about back to sleep when she said, "Mom, I'm really scared still". 
I had a vivid flashback to my childhood- being about her age and crawling in my mom and dads bed  and still be frightened that someone was going to take me right out of bed and my mom wouldn't even know it. I said the same thing and my mom slipped her hand around me and hugged me close.
So, thats what i did to my daughter and she fell right to sleep. 
I wont be telling any more of my scary dreams to my kiddos anytime soon!
Especially if they involve fighting raccoons!


Erika said...

Oh that is too bad they overheard your dream. Crazy raccoons! That is funny that they were so loud and outside your window. I think they are very cute creatures, though. Sorry about your dream. :(

Katie said...

I want a king size bed too! Luke comes into our bed SO much lately, and while I WANT him to sleep in his own bed, if we had a king size, at least I would get good sleep no matter where he ends up. (Can you tell I'm getting desperate? :)