Saturday, January 8, 2011


 Here it is! Ella's completed birthday cake! I just couldnt wait to show you all-
I think this is by far the nicest, most creative cake
I have done to date and I just love it! 
Ella does too!
She likes the hair the most, she said! 
I REALLY like the cake bunting the most! 
(they sell that stuff on etsy for like $20 for what you see on my cake!- 
and it cost me like $2 to make!)
Today is her party and its at a gymnastic place- everyone is so excited!
Including me, because I dont have to do much! They run games and everything! 
And it was VERY reasonable and she can have 20 kids 
and an unlimited number of adults- 
so we have around 35 people coming today! FUN!
I made a new chocolate cake recipe for one layer and 
the other layer is half strawberry and half vanilla with a chocolate mousse filling. 
I got a bunch of tips to make my cakes better from another blog 
and they really helped this time around! 
Megan is taking professional pictures for us at the party
so I thought I'd try to wait to post really nice pictures of the cake but I just couldnt, 
so my little camera ones will have to do...


Eli said...

good for you! I could never! happy birthday to your little girl!

Val Endyk said...

Awesome job!!! wish we could be there

Barbara lando said...

What an incredible job you did and are doing on the cakes your making and have made in the past. you should do this as a living on the side.

~Abbey~ said...

very nice!