Saturday, January 8, 2011

Recap: New Year's Day

 Another tradition our family has is our annual New Years swim!
We go to our local rec center and swim in the indoor pool.
They have the perfect kiddie pool and the kid just love it!
Markand I love the hot tub the best-
the jets do wonders on achy backs and sore shoulders.

On another note, I am so very thankful for God's protection of our family.
The other night the girls kept coming to us saying their were weird noises coming from their room. 
We dismissed it  but they were persistent and we finally checked. 
Sparks were flying out of a socket in their wall. 
We immediately shut off the breaker to their room.
Praise God it didnt happen in the middle of the night.
A fire could have easily started seeing as the socket was right behind their book shelf! 
The electrician came and replaced several old sockets 2 days ago.
Just so thankful God protected our little family! 

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