Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All a Matter of Taste

I asked Ella the other day to change out of her pj's and get ready to go to school. She came down the stairs like this and said she was all ready to go! Ella is the only one of my kids that REALLY likes to pick out what she wears for the day. The twins could care less as long as it is comfortable- no jeans! 
But not my Ella! She has to have a say on what goes on her body. I usually let her go out with whatever she picks (its not worth the battle and she is so proud of her outfits and that she got dressed herself) 
but obviously, not this day- 
just a tad too cold and immodest:) 
I organize all my kids clothes in piles in their drawers with a top and bottom that matches so its easier for them to get dressed- they just grab a pile. But Ella always seems to rearrange the piles pulling out her favorites! I sorta like that she has such a strong opinion about what she wears- it shows her individuality. 
Elijah is a boy so he really cares less and weirdly the twins often ask me to pick out clothes for them. 
So, its nice to have one little girl with her own unique style:)
I love my Ella Bella!


~Abbey~ said...

i should have takena pic of Candice yesterday when she had her bathing suit OVER her jeans and long sleeve shirt bc i told her the same thing you told Ella! too funny!

Beth said...

that's my little kate, too! they would be quite a pair. love it!