Sunday, January 23, 2011

How can it keep getting better?

I love this guy- even more than when we met many moons ago and even more than when we got married, and even more each passing day. Its true. He really still makes my heart pitter-patter and he still gives me goosebumps when we kiss. Its amazing to me that 9 years later, my love for him has gotten SO much deeper and I love him SO much more- even though I know all his flaws and even though he STILL leaves piles of dirty clothes in the bathroom, even though we have 4 kiddos that are constantly beckoning for our attention and stealing time away from "just us" ... I love him more every passing day. 
Love is an amazing thing!

P.s. Page views of my blog last month- 1,600! You guys are awesome! thanks for reading my blog!!
P.s.s Check out the pictures of Great Grandmas birthday cake under the tab recipes-
I included the chocolate cake recipe which is divine!
P.s.s.s. Have a great Sunday!

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Erika said...

Wow, Girl, that's a lot of page views! Congrats on that!