Monday, January 24, 2011

Who Stole the Candy from the Candy Jar?

 The other day, I was spending WAY to much time on the computer basically becasue Ella and Elijah were being SO good (or so thought) I hadnt heard them arguing or crying and I popped my head down their once and they were both engaged in various activites with toys in the playroom so I thought they were just being extra good for me and I continued my computer activities!! 

After about an hour or so, they were REALLY quite so I went downstairs to see how they were doing and low and behold this what I came acoss. They were both siting under the table( like they were "hiding") , the candy box opened with wrappers scattered all over the floor, and sticky goop all over their hands and faces, quietly chomping as much candy as they could get their hands on! 

Of course I reprimanded them and you can see by their facs they knew they were IN TROUBLE! 

Later on that day I tried to get into the downstairs bathroom and they had locked the door so noone could enter. (they werent inside) So, I just waited till Mark got home. He opened the door and I should have taken a picture! The bottle of windex was on the toilet and there was blue water EVERYWHERE as well as gobs of toilet paper and paper towels in the sink, the toilet and all over the floor. 
They were doing some unsupervised cleaning, I guess. 

Mark discovered this after I told him all about the candy story. He offhandedly asked how I had spent the day to which I meekly replied that I was on the internet a lot and not quite involved with the children. Not my proudest moment. 
But a funny story to say the least! 

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Sarah said...

Ella's face! LOL