Friday, October 21, 2011

Casa Bonita: A Denver Must See!

In the 5 years we have lived in Denver, we have yet to take the family to Casa Bonita. Casa Bonita has been around for, I think, at least 30 years and Mark has fond memories of this place as a child! 
Marks parents called us up on Wednesday to see if we would like to go to support Sheridan school district so we happily agreed! If you ever visit Denver, stop on by Casa Bonita- its lots of fun!
 We actually did visit when the twins were 3 yrs old and Ella was just a baby. We were visiting Colorado with Kara and Eric (from MA) while Mark was on some sort of school trip. And we went here! Do you see the little tiger that Arianna is holding? She got it at Casa Bonita when she was 3 and the twins LOVED those little tigers. They named them Poky and wouldn't go anywhere with out them. I pulled them out of their memory boxes so they could bring them along!
Grandpa gave them some pennies to throw in the fountain.

 Their menu is very slim and has had a reputation  of being not very great...
but I REALLY liked my chili rellenos- I thought they tasted really good! 
 But what you really go to Casa Bonita for is the atmosphere! It looks like a Mexican town complete with Mariachi bands,  Cliff divers, Caves, etc.
 Every 10 minutes or so, they have a little "act" going on that you can watch while you eat!
While we were there, they had a cliff diver, fire juggler, and a gorilla skit.

 Mark was teaching Arianna how to eat sopipias. 
(I apologize for spelling all these Mexican dishes and terms wrong)

 You can actually walk behind the waterfall and look out- pretty cool!
 I hate that this picture is blurry!!!!
 The little ones didnt want to go in the scary cave- it really was a bit scary- I dont like to be "surprised"! Mark and I went through together:)

 At the end, the kids get to pick a piece of candy from the treasure chest!
 It was a FUN night and extra fun experience!

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Erika said...

Aww beautiful pictures of your children! I do love Ella's little bob. I am so glad your kids have the privilege of having [some of] their grandparents in their lives. And I agree the food is NOT horrible. I think it's just nothing special. I've always thought it was decent.