Monday, October 17, 2011


 Elijah is 3 yrs old and is a spit-fire.
He LOVES balls of every shape and size and calls himself "Tim Tebow" when he carries a football.
He still puts his underwear on backwards every time!
He loves to wear boots.
He hates wearing pants.
He eats SO well and LOTS of it! 
Elijah always sits on his legs and then they fall asleep and he cries.

 Elijah has CRAZY hair- its SO hard to tame and is very thick and straight. He has a kallic in the back.
Elijah has a little freckle on his nose.
Elijah has a whole make believe family- its SO funny- he always tells me, "well, my mom...." or "my brother....." he said his other family lives in Colorado too.
Elijah loves to play outside and loves swords and sticks! 
Elijah likes to play games and puzzles on our phones and he is SO good at it!
He takes after his daddy- Hes a techie for sure!
 Elijah loves his sisters, especially Ella. They are 2 peas in a pod! 
Elijah does not like to color or do "schoolwork". But I make him do it every other day or so.
Elijah has a little dimple above his right cheek.
Elijah takes naps about every other day. He sleeps about an hour.
Elijah is a messy eater although he is definitely getting better.
He is completely potty trained with an accident every once in a while at night.
He loves to crawl in our bed in the middle of the night and snuggle.
He hates sleeping alone and begs to sleep in sissys bed! 
He still sleeps with his monkey pillow.

{ From the Mouth of Elijah }
my favorite color:  BROWN
my favorite toy: SPIDERMAN 
my best friend: PUFFY- his stuffed penguin
my favorite part about church: THE BABIES
my favorite food: YOGURT
my favorite song: ZACCHEUS
what I want to be when I grow up: SPIDERMAN
my favorite movie/show: SPIDERMAN

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