Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unnie Bunnie

 Arianna is 7 yrs old and in 2nd Grade at Mark Hopkins Elementary.
Her teacher is Mrs. Sustr.
Arianna wants to grow her hair long again but keep her bangs.
She has only lost 2 teeth.
Arianna continues to be SOOOOOOO picky about what she eats. We make her eat a bite or two of meat every meal but she still gags and doesnt like it. very frustrating.
Arianna loves breakfast. 
 Arianna bites her fingernails.
She likes Sprite.
She still loves to wear knit pants and doesnt like jeans at all.
Her favorite shoes are still Crocs.
Arianna LOVES animals of all kind.
She and Sophia still love to play Barbie house and they LOVE pretending with little animals and Barbies.
 Ariannas Beta Fish- Nemo- also died the same night Ellas fish died. 
Arianna cried and cried over the loss of her fish for which I was the sole care giver! 
Arianna likes to walk to the park near our house and play with her sisters- all by herself!
She really likes Hello Kitty right now.
Ariannas teacher started calling her "Ari"( R-E) and now all her school friends call her that! 
Arianna loves to sing and is participating so much more in our church services-
 she continues to be sensitive toward the Gospel. 

{ From the Mouth of Arianna }
my favorite color: All the colors of the rainbow and add pink
my favorite toy: Laura, her pet battery operated hamster
my best friend: Shea, Cheyenne, Savanna, Garrett, Brody, Madeliene
my favorite part about church: learning about God
my favorite food: mac and cheese
my favorite thing about school: independent reading, duck of the day and starting the day by giving Miss Sustr and hug- can you tell she REALLY likes school?
my favorite song: Completely Done and The Fathers Love
what I want to be when I grow up: veterinarian 
my favorite movie/show: The Avengers and Pink Panther  

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