Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hopkins FUN!

The Fun Run at Mark Hopkins Elementary takes place every fall and is a lot of fun! 
Plus you get to RUN!
Win! Win!
It was a really chilly day so we bundled up!
Elijah had it the easiest seeing as I pushed him in the jogging stroller and he was bundled in his favorite Cars blanket! Poor Ella had to run and it was sorta a long ways for her but she did it!
We did walk about half the way- it was just too much for her.
I have been running too on my own and I really enjoy it! 
I listen to messages by Matt Chandler and it goes really fast.
Our schools colors are green- ya know for frogs.. since we are HOPkins! 
We run with the other neighborhood school- Mark Twain whose colors are orange.
Last year Twain wore tshirts with Tigers(their mascot) eating a frog! 
Isnt that crazy! It makes me laugh so hard but not really sure its appropriate for elementary kids.
This year they were much calmer in their tshirt choice. 

This past Monday, I also got to go on the twins Field Trip to Carson Nature Center which is right by Aspen Grove and the Platte River. It was gorgeous out and I sure do love Colorado! Its perfect for nature hikes and runs and most anything outdoors!

 This is their teacher, Mrs Sustr- she is just wonderful!
Special thanks to Val who babysat my little two while I went on this field trip with the girls. I am SO blessed to have other mommy friends who are so willing to help me out whenever I need it- love you!


Michelle said...

Looked like fun! And it IS so nice to have friends around that you can "use" whenever you need them...such a sweet blessing! Your girls are gorgeous, btw!

Val Endyk said...

Looks like the girls are at a great school! So glad you can be involved as much as you are!!!
Oh, and I was happy to watch your little ones for you :) Good to catch up a bit in the afternoon as well. Love you, friend.

Jessica Gardner said...

I run too! Autumn and I are planning on running a 10K next weekend. Richard always tries to get me to listen to Chandler - I've tried - i just have a hard time following his outline . . . oh well! :)