Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ella Bella

 Ella is a few months away from being 5 yrs old! 
She loves taking pictures right now, can you tell?
She rarely shows her teeth when smiling for pictures.
Ella LOVES preschool. 
She has made friends and I am looking forward to her teacher conference 
to see how she is doing socially and academically. 
Ella's handwriting has improved dramatically since preschool.
Ella cries and cries if I dont give her "homework" every night with her sisters! Cracks me up!
 Ella will eat pretty much everything I put in front of her (except tomatoes)
Ella loves to hold my hand.
Ella's beta fish, Sparkles, died 2 days ago. It lived for almost 3 years.
Ella loves to "pretend" with Elijah- she is usually the mom.
 Ella  talks a lot- she is still our loudest child! 
Ella is still very clumsy and falls and gets hurt all the time.
Ella says Daddy is the best waffle maker and I am the best pancake maker.
{ From the Mouth of Ella }
my favorite color: GREEN
my favorite toy: LITTLEST PET SHOP
my best friend: ZAMARA
my favorite part about church: COLORING
my favorite food: GRILLED CHEESE
my favorite thing about preschool: GOING OUTSIDE
my favorite song: MY GOD IS SO BIG
what I want to be when I grow up: COWGIRL
my favorite movie/show: STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE

 Ella finally does not put her shoes on the wrong feet- she's growing up!
Ella's heart continues to be tender toward spiritual things- she asks lots of questions.
 Ella fills our home with laughter and joy and we are so proud of the girl she is becoming! 


Val Endyk said...

Love you Ella! You're growing up to be such a beautiful young girl - inside and outside :)

Erika said...

She is just precious. And getting so big!